Environmental Health Services

soil testingEnvironmental and consumer protection programs for food service and public facilities, general sanitation, and on-site sewage disposal systems.

Environmentalists are responsible for a variety of law-mandated inspections. They have the primary responsibility for preventing food borne illness in the retail food sector. Through the proper application of existing laws and regulations, they endeavor to practice prevention by licensing, routinely inspecting and responding to consumer complaints against food establishments within the County.

Food manufacturing inspections are done on bakeries, bottling plants, distilleries, food manufacturing plants, food storage warehouses, grain storage elevators, and vending machines.

Environmentalists conduct investigations related to public health nuisances such as failing septic systems, rodent harborage and vectors, as well as food-borne illnesses. Regular inspections include:

Do's and Don't of Septic Tanks

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Food Service

For information concerning opening or operating a restaurant or other food service establishment, please contact the local health department. Additional information concerning food safety can be obtained from the Kentucky Department for Public Health.

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Restaurants are inspected once every six months by Bullitt County Health Department inspectors who use a 44-item checklist to evaluate a restaurant’s cleanliness, equipment, food handling and storage. Follow up inspections are done, if needed.  A restaurant has 10 days to correct its problems if it scores below an 85 or is cited for a critical violation.

OnSite Sewage

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